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Ars Technica reports about Project Athena:

Google-watchers may have already head about "Project Athena," a Chrome OS-related experiment of Google's that has appeared in the Chromium source code a few times in the past. Today we got our first official look at the new interface via Francois Beaufort, a Chrome enthusiast who was hired by Google last year after leaking several high-profile Chrome features.

It looks a heck of a lot like Material Design and Android L UI behaviour coming to Chrome OS. Fascinating to see where this is going, but one thing appears to be clear: in the tug of war between Chrome OS and Android, the latter has won.

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Comment by nagerst
by nagerst on Sat 19th Jul 2014 13:15 UTC
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I would like to see a phone running stock arm Debian at decent speed, now that would finally make me buy a smartphone. There has been some attempts in the past, but those phones feel a bit too slow and sluggish in my (very limited) testing.

Perhaps the ubuntu phones will be great, it will certainly check it out when they release it at least.

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