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Lenovo has stopped selling Windows tablets with screen sizes under 10 inches in the U.S. due to lack of interest.

Lenovo has stopped selling two small-screen Windows tablets with 8-inch screens: the ThinkPad 8, which was announced in January and a model of Miix 2, which started shipping in October last year.

This is not a quip, but an honest question: is the size qualifier here really necessary? I.e., do Windows tablets sell in any meaningful number at all, regardless of size? Windows laptops and desktops surely still sell well, but Windows tablets?

Like smartphones, I'm pretty sure this market is dominated by iOS and Android, and Lenovo throwing the towel in the ring here doesn't bode well for any possible third ecosystems - and that sucks.

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RE[4]: Windows Tablets
by robertojdohnert on Sun 20th Jul 2014 19:21 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Windows Tablets"
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While your comment was totally sarcastic, innovation in this case is whats not important. People wanted apps that they can run on their desktops and mobile devices. Now Microsoft is giving it to them, while not innovative they dont have to be. Its customer demand and that is what they are giving customers. Do I see this increasing marketshare for Microsoft in the mobile space? It depends on the apps.

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