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Linspire The 5.0.59 version of Linspire was released in March of 2005. A new version 5.0.347 is now available for immediate download. This version does not add any new major functionality, as this is mainly a bug fix release that resolves some problems with the previous release. The Insiders are still beta testing new versions of Linspire that contain new drivers, new features, etc.
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Exciting things coming up @ Linspire Inc.
by ealm on Fri 11th Nov 2005 18:03 UTC
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With it's ~100 employees, Linspire is currently doing localized versions of the OS, while at the same time preparing the enterprise OS for insiders beta release. The enterprise version will be REALLY interesting with it's very handy and unique management system based around CNR... more about that later this year (hopefully).

Also Linspire is nowadays supporting and co-developing, in addition to gaim,, Nvu, Lsongs, Lphoto, the instant messenger Kopete. Considering Linspires current merge of IM and SIP with it's phonegaim, it's not hard to speculate in logic additions to Kopete by Linspire.

On another note Michael Robertson (the man behind Linspire), is preparing a new project for us with his iTunes-like business The project name is Oboe, and it seems MR has managed to hire some really interesting, and young, engineers for it:

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