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Yesterday, former Google-executive Hugo Barra, now Xiaomi's global vice president, had a talk with The Verge.

Barra is only a year into his job as leader of Mi's internationalization efforts, but he's already "sick and tired" of hearing his company derided as an Apple copycat. He sees Mi as "an incredibly innovative company" that never stops trying to improve and refine its designs, and the allegations of it copying Apple are "sweeping sensationalist statements because they have nothing better to talk about."

This morning, John Gruber:

Scroll down on the Mi 3 "features" page and you'll see this image, named "detail-camera.jpg". Take a good look at the camera in that image, then look at the app icon for the current version of Aperture. It's a simple copy-paste-skew job of the lens, and not a very good one. Two panels down on the page, they use it again, horizontally flipped. (Shockingly, they cropped out the "Designed by Apple in California".)


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RE[4]: It's an icon
by spiderman on Wed 23rd Jul 2014 16:34 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: It's an icon"
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The thing is you think it's important but it's not.

There is a big irony you probably didn't catch about the "One more thing" story. Look at the "One more thing" screen from Xiaomi and look at the one from Apple. The difference is the font they used. Apple's font is thick and Xiaomi's is thin. Why is that so? The answer to this is trend. Xiaomi's font is thin because the trend has been set by Microsoft's Metro design. Now look at the first iPhone and the latest one. In the first iPhone I see organic design all over the place and man it was cool back then. Everybody wanted their product to look like this. Fast forward to now. I look at the iPhone and all I see is flat design all over the place. Did Apple "invent" flat design? Hell f--king no! They copied the style directly from Microsoft. Because that's the trend.

Apple is no longer the underground underdog in the industry and sometimes they set the trend but they happily follow the trend set by others when their home made trend is falling behind.

Xiaomi is no different. They surf the trend set by Apple and Microsoft and many others in their presentations and marketing. It's perfectly normal and everybody does that, including Apple. Because design is all about trend. Design is not inovation, it's only what conveys your inovations.

Xiaomi probably has dreams of setting new trends when they are bigger but for now they are too small for that. So they get trendy icons and put it in their marketing and they come from Apple. They probably didn't think much about it but it was actually very good for them that someone called them on it because now they get a lot of free marketing. Never heard about Xiaomi before today.

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