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A while ago, we've announced our plans to add Linux support as one of the features of our digital platform, with 100 games on the launch day sometime this fall. We've put much time and effort into this project and now we've found ourselves with over 50 titles, classic and new, prepared for distribution, site infrastructure ready, support team trained and standing by, and absolutely no reason to wait until October or November. We're still aiming to have at least 100 Linux games in the coming months, but we've decided not to delay the launch just for the sake of having a nice-looking number to show off to the press. It's not about them, after all, it's about you. So, one of the most popular site feature requests on our community wishlist is granted today: Linux support has officially arrived on!

Good on 'm.

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RE[3]: This is great news
by Drumhellar on Fri 25th Jul 2014 01:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: This is great news"
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- Install an anti virus
- Install non-crap browser
- 18 billion updates
- Install productivity software
- Install media playback software that actually works
- Install drivers for everything that windows doesn't come with
- Optimize the system by removing all of the tat that comes with it.
- Clean the registry after 10 minutes of use

You obviously haven't kept current on Windows.

1. You can hardly fault Windows for needing an antivirus - it comes with the territory of being the number one OS in the world. If you write a virus for windows, it can target >90% of the world's computer users.

2. IE is actually a fairly good browser, and certainly far from crap. I use Firefox myself, but IE has good performance, standards support, and is stable. The only thing it really lacks is a good extension system, but there are plugins that cover a lot of stuff.

3. Updates and drivers - If I install Windows, as long as it has a functional network driver, Windows Update will pull both drivers and updates all at once, and install them all at once. It might take two reboots, but that's fine.

4. Install productivity software - True, but the converse applies to Windows: No having to remove a bunch of software I don't want installed. I tend to not like the default app selection for either Fedora or Ubuntu, and I haven't noticed much difference in other distributions.

5. "Working" media software - WMP works quite well. It'll open most formats without the need of finding third party repos for patent-encumbered formats. The only glaring omission in WMP format support is MKV, but that can be added to WMP quite easily.

6. Drivers - See #2

7. Removing software - I find that I have to remove far more software with Linux than with Windows after a fresh install.

8. Cleaning the registry - I haven't had to do that in years. It's not necessary anymore, since software is generally well behaved

Windows certainly has it's weaknesses, but none of the ones you listed are true anymore.

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