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I'm lucky. My financial situation allows me to buy several phones and tablets every year to keep up with the goings-on of all the major - and some of the minor - platforms currently competing for prime real estate in your precious pockets. It also means that I am lucky from a psychological point of view - by being able to buy several devices every year, I never fall into the all-too-common trap of choice-supportive bias. I don't have to rationalise my device purchases after the fact, so I won't have to employ all sorts of mental gymnastics to solve any states of cognitive dissonance caused by hardware and software flaws - the number one cause of irrational fanboyism.

And so, I try to rotate my phone of choice around as much as possible. I enjoy jumping from Android to my N9, then onwards to Sailfish, back to Android, and then have some fun with Symbian on my E7 - and beyond. I've got a long list of platforms I want to add to the collection - one white BlackBerry Passport please - but in general, I'm pretty well-rounded.

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WP Slow?
by DDevine on Fri 25th Jul 2014 12:50 UTC
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I've never really understood the complaints about WP being slow. Maybe the issues are just a few particular models -- and interestingly not even the cheaper ones!

I have had two sub-$200 Windows Phones and three sub-$200 Android phones and the performance difference is huge. In my experience Windows Phone is *way* faster and more responsive than Android. Sure - I have seen a few applications sit on "resuming..." (not sure why resuming is slower than starting from scratch) for a few seconds but by and large the experience is still more than satisfactory in terms of speed and responsiveness.

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