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I'm lucky. My financial situation allows me to buy several phones and tablets every year to keep up with the goings-on of all the major - and some of the minor - platforms currently competing for prime real estate in your precious pockets. It also means that I am lucky from a psychological point of view - by being able to buy several devices every year, I never fall into the all-too-common trap of choice-supportive bias. I don't have to rationalise my device purchases after the fact, so I won't have to employ all sorts of mental gymnastics to solve any states of cognitive dissonance caused by hardware and software flaws - the number one cause of irrational fanboyism.

And so, I try to rotate my phone of choice around as much as possible. I enjoy jumping from Android to my N9, then onwards to Sailfish, back to Android, and then have some fun with Symbian on my E7 - and beyond. I've got a long list of platforms I want to add to the collection - one white BlackBerry Passport please - but in general, I'm pretty well-rounded.

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2G issues
by Morgan on Fri 25th Jul 2014 13:28 UTC
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Thom, I remember you talking about 2G issues on your Windows Phone previously. I still think it's a carrier provisioning issue that's specific to the platform, as none of the three Windows Phones I've used ever suffered from this issue, and at work I am lucky to get as much as a 2G signal from any carrier. I've used an HTC Arrive, Nokia Lumia 521, and now an HTC 8XT. The HTCs are on Sprint's network via an MVNO, and the Lumia was on a T-Mobile MVNO.

I have three desks at work, one for each job function I serve, and one of them is right in the middle of the warehouse, just out of range of our wifi access points. Before I got around to rearranging the access points for better coverage, I was limited to a spotty 2G signal on my phone (I had to turn off wifi if I was spending any amount of time at that desk, or the phone's battery would suffer from trying to stay connected to it). Yet, I was still getting emails, Skype messages, texts, and every other kind of data as it came in.

The reason I say it may be a provisioning issue (and I know you aren't on CDMA but bear with me) is that when I moved to the HTC 8XT this year, I had to have my carrier reprovision it several times before data and MMS would work. I never had to do this with Android phones on this carrier, and they acknowledged that Windows Phone radio settings are a different animal compared to any other kind of phone.

It might be worth your time to call your carrier and discuss, if you haven't already.

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