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survey from market research firm VisionMobile, there are 2.9 million app developers in the world who have built about two million apps. Most of those app developers are making next to nothing in revenue while the very top of the market make nearly all the profits. Essentially, the app economy has become a mirror of Wall Street.

The application store model was a good thing for a while, especially early on. Now, though, it's becoming an impediment. Supply has increased so much that it's impossible to stand out, especially now that a relatively small number of big players are utterly dominating the listings, drowning out everyone else.

If nobody does anything, this will only get worse.

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Comment by thegman
by thegman on Mon 28th Jul 2014 00:43 UTC
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It's not surprising, how many developers are making anything of value? Even those which are making something decent, how much are they charging? $1? $2?

The volumes you need to make that profitable are enormous.

Sell something for desktops or servers though, you're not charging $1 or $2, it's likely more like $30, $100, $500.

To make matters worse, smartphone software markets are totally fashion driven. Nobody got Flappy Bird because they thought it was a great game, they got it because they'd read about it on Facebook or something.

Few companies can make those volumes and those are going to be the ones with marketing capability. There will be exceptions, though.

You don't have the *right* to make money though. I'd like to only write applications for BeOS and Inferno, but the market is not viable, so I go elsewhere. Same for the tablets and smartphones, there is no real viable market for making money unless you're a big hitter or very lucky. I'd probably rather take my chances buying lottery tickets than try to come up with a big hit on a smartphone.

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