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Microsoft has accidentally spilled the beans on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, and it's going to be a relatively small update for users, but a big one for OEMs and thus the platform. The number of user-facing features is small (Windows Phone is finally getting folder support!), but it increases support for different resolutions and screen sizes - up to 7".

More features might be coming that aren't yet leaked, but the focus of the update is clear: hardware support.

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Folders, finally!
by spiderman on Mon 28th Jul 2014 07:15 UTC
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If they do it right, this will be a huge update. This is the single most annoying stuff I have to deal with when I downgraded my phone from Symbian to Android. Neither Android, iOS nor Windows Phone do support hierarchical folders Android has a one level folder support but it's so limited it's ridiculous. So finally Windows Phone will implement it. This is a killer feature that may well make me switch.
I would just like to understand wtf takes so long? Apple has folders implemented in 1977 on the Apple II. Microsoft had it implemented in 1981 in the DOS 1.0. Google has never figured it out but at least they have tags in gmail since 10 years or so. And none or those corps have an engineers that is able to figure out that grids of icons spanning on 4 pages is retarded? Even my grand mother can see it is retarded.

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