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Microsoft has accidentally spilled the beans on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, and it's going to be a relatively small update for users, but a big one for OEMs and thus the platform. The number of user-facing features is small (Windows Phone is finally getting folder support!), but it increases support for different resolutions and screen sizes - up to 7".

More features might be coming that aren't yet leaked, but the focus of the update is clear: hardware support.

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RE: So, what does this mean?
by RobG on Mon 28th Jul 2014 11:36 UTC in reply to "So, what does this mean?"
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With my phone (Lumia 1020, running WP 8.0), I can do that just fine. It appears as a drive in Windows Explorer, and I can create folders, copy files to and from it).

However, on the Phone, there are limitations on browsing. If I create a folder on the phone from Windows, it doesn't mean that any apps on the phone can access it. AFAIK each app has access to a sandboxed view of the storage, so if the folder is outside the sandbox it cannot be seen. OTOH, if I create files in one of the app's folders, it seems to see them just fine (although I guess that could vary with the app).

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