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Hewlett-Packard has changed its direction on OpenVMS. Instead of pushing its users off the system, it has licensed OpenVMS to a new firm that plans to develop ports to the latest Itanium chips and is promising eventual support for x86 processors.

Great news for OpenVMS, and a great move by HP.

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VMS wasn't as closed as you might think. The source was available on Microfiche and even on a 2400ft reel of Magtape. That all died a death when Compaq took us over.

We used to have that stack of fiche. It was, oh, about 4-5" thick. Kinda heavy too.

Basically, they microfiched program listings (that is the listings the compilers/assemblers created).

I did not look at them much, we didn't need to. What little I saw was all Macro code. But I think VMS used a lot of BLISS too.

Even source code you can't change is useful. I often refer to source of open source projects, yet have no need to modify them. I use them as augmented documentation. It's great for hunting down obscure error messages.

Mind, having it on micro fiche -- not really useful. If it were on tape, and thus on our system, i'm sure I would have spelunked a lot more.

We did spend a lot of time in the Wall Of Orange, trawling the manuals for tidbits.

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