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Internet Explorer

Based on your feedback, we pursued a web experience for IE users consistent with what is available on iOS and Android devices - even where this meant we would be adding non-standard web platform features. We believe that this is a more pragmatic approach to running today's less-standardised mobile web.

Thank you, web developers, for turning mobile Safari into the new Internet Explorer. Have you people learned nothing?

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RE[3]: Comment by Nelson
by silviucc on Fri 1st Aug 2014 19:40 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Nelson"
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Whoa there shill, remember all that money you're being paid to spread the good word of Microsoft.

Btw, what is so special about the name "Nelson" at MS? I just don't get it. "Major Nelson" is the main shill for the Xbox division and here we have a lowly professional bullshitter with the nick "Nelson" on the OSNews forums.

How much work do you have to put in to get to the rank of "Major".

Is that like a special name for the MS shill squad or what?

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