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Windows The number of useful desktop applications for Linux is growing every day, but there are many would-be users who still have one or more "must have" Windows applications. For those users, running Windows under Linux is a suitable alternative to having to maintain two systems, or a dual-boot system with Linux and Windows. One of the options for running Windows under Linux is Win4Lin, Inc.'s Win4Lin Pro, which was released earlier this year.
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Should never have been released
by fretinator on Fri 11th Nov 2005 20:48 UTC
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I am a long-time Win4lin user. The 9X version of the product (Win95/Win98 only) quite simply rocked. Unfortunately, as a windows developer, I eventually needed to emulate Win2K or XP in order to do .NET development. VMWare is too pricy for me, so I was excited when Win4lin announced its Pro edition that supported NT-based windows. I was a beta tester, and was absolutely stunned. The product was awful. Even with KQemu acceleration, XP runs like Win95 on a 4MB 386DX. It is useless. Also, the images keep getting corrupted, so you have to constantly backup and restore them. The integration with the Linux filesystem (My Documents, etc) is a source of major problems. Frequently windows will complain that your profile does not exist. All-in-all, even though I own this product, I had to stop using it. I am currently beta testing Parallels, which is orders of magnitude faster and has simple configuration tools. I cannot recommend Win4lin Pro at this time (version 2.0, no less!), but perhaps it will rally in the near future and approach the usability of its cousin, Win4lin 9X.

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