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Microsoft is suing yet another Android device maker - but this time it's a very different case than their usual protection money scheme. Microsoft claims that Samsung has stopped complying with a patent sharing agreement between the two companies.

After becoming the leading player in the worldwide smartphone market, Samsung decided late last year to stop complying with its agreement with Microsoft. In September 2013, after Microsoft announced it was acquiring the Nokia Devices and Services business, Samsung began using the acquisition as an excuse to breach its contract. Curiously, Samsung did not ask the court to decide whether the Nokia acquisition invalidated its contract with Microsoft, likely because it knew its position was meritless.

Interesting, if true. This is what happens when you stop paying protection money - the burly men with clubs show up.

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Yes, Samsung could have filed for declaratory judgment. Doing so would constitute a LEGAL ACTION. However, that is not how Howard described Samsung's options. Let's go back to Howard's statement.

Here is how he described Microsoft's action:
"Microsoft filed LEGAL ACTION against Samsung ..."

Here is how he described possible actions by Samsung:
"Samsung did not ASK the court to decide ..."

What Howard should have said is, "Samsung did NOT file a LEGAL ACTION against Microsoft ..."

- but he didn't. Total marketing spin by Howard.

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