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Earlier today, someone decided to post to the Android issue tracker complaining about the lack of multiuser support for smartphones. Within a few hours, a developer at Google responded and closed the issue, remarking that "the development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as a part of the next public build." Sounds pretty definitive to us.

On tablets, the use case for multiple accounts (of course, Android has always been multiuser) is clear. The device is often shared among family members, so each user having her or his own account is very useful. For smartphones, though, this feature seems more for business use cases than for home user, where most people will have their own phone.

Pretty sure business users are going to love this: one device, two accounts. One for work, one for play.

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RE: One for work, one for home...
by robojerk on Thu 7th Aug 2014 16:00 UTC in reply to "One for work, one for home..."
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Depending on the labor laws in your state (assuming you're in the USA) this might be illegal.

Taking your example, I live California and if my job requires me to be available they must reimburse me for my cell phone/data plan if I use my own phone, or pay for a separate plan.

At my old job we even restricted people from access the Exchange server from their personal phones because technically they need to be compensated for responding to emails while off the clock.

Remember though this mostly applies to employees paid hourly, if your salary they don't need to compensate you.

A lot of companies though (smaller ones) don't do this and if you wanted to you could get them into trouble, but it could also cause problems for yourself if you want to continue to work there.

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