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Linux "As you already know, if I have to sit down in front of a computer, I want it to be running the Gnome desktop on Linux. I've watched it mature from a downright ugly, needlessly complex playground for geeks, to an attractive, simple interface that holds its own against commercial alternatives. And yet, every day I still encounter rough edges that make me think there aren't nearly enough folks out there hacking away at this stuff. I'd like to watch." Read more at PCWorld. Warning: While some of the author's gripes can be fixed by installing third party applications or plugins, or by tweaking Alsa etc, the point remains that his default distribution and/or Gnome did not come with these conveniences by default. Most people don't like tweaking stuff, they want things that "just work".
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by jjmckay on Fri 11th Nov 2005 22:19 UTC in reply to "@jjmckay"
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rayiner thanks very much. I did what you said except for the reboot. Yes 'restricted copyright' was checked by default (very good). Wow it is all there but I suppose that its just a matter of presenting this information to the new user(s) when he/she installs the OS and gets to the desktop for the first time. I did search that page (default firefox homepage after install) and nothing was there about this kind of stuff. Maybe its my mistake.

When I click the life raft icon for help I don't see anything about setting resolution or about the Synapitic Package Manager.

btw, someone else's suggestion that xorgconfig would help didn't work for this distro (Ubuntu 5.10). File not found.

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