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Linux "As you already know, if I have to sit down in front of a computer, I want it to be running the Gnome desktop on Linux. I've watched it mature from a downright ugly, needlessly complex playground for geeks, to an attractive, simple interface that holds its own against commercial alternatives. And yet, every day I still encounter rough edges that make me think there aren't nearly enough folks out there hacking away at this stuff. I'd like to watch." Read more at PCWorld. Warning: While some of the author's gripes can be fixed by installing third party applications or plugins, or by tweaking Alsa etc, the point remains that his default distribution and/or Gnome did not come with these conveniences by default. Most people don't like tweaking stuff, they want things that "just work".
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I agree with the article.
by r_a_trip on Fri 11th Nov 2005 22:36 UTC
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The gripes are all valid points. They are also points that are being worked on.

Menu editing in Gnome can be done with SMEG (Simple Menu Editor for Gnome). It comes standard with Ubuntu. configuration still is a pain, but at least is moving forward. The project has steam and that is refreshing after the years of bitrot under the reign of XFree86. I do dream of a configurator that can autodetect and finetune graphic chips, dual head, tv-out on the command line, under curses and GTK+/Qt.

Multimedia is torture and will continue to be torture as long as companies and individuals keep encoding content in codecs that cannot be legally integrated into Operating Systems other than Windows and Mac OSX. It is a consequence of unthoughtfulness, of not anticipating the results of using limited formats.

Icons and pasting that go haywire, is mostly a problem of polish. It is a department in wich I tend to be too lenient, because minor annoyances don't compare to the major advantages FOSS offers me personally.

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