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Bugs & Viruses Virus writers are exploiting Sony's controversial anti-piracy software to hide their malicious creations. In late October Sony was found to be using stealth techniques to hide software that stopped some of its CDs being illegally copied. Now three virus variants have been found that use the Sony software to evade detection by anti-virus programs. The rootkit is also installed on Mac OS X systems.
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Viruses Use Sony Anti-Piracy CDs
by aaronb on Fri 11th Nov 2005 22:49 UTC
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I think sony should be taken to court for this. This rootkit has dashed any future purchases are sony products.

I did not know what rootkits were until this incident started. Fortunatly I not got any products from sony installed.

My lasted encounter with sony's software was sonicstage 1.x actrac converter that came with the NE1 cd walkman. It was the worst program I have every used.

As a big company sony need to focus on good products with good software to go with it. If they want the apply DRM then it should be more like itunes. If you remove itunes you can not play the music but it is gone.

A few questions...
Is the Windows rootkit using reg keys to hide it self ?
Are other Oses effected ?

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