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Morphos On their blogspot site, Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco, owners of Genesi (which manufactures Pegasos PowerPC-CPU based motherboards) revealed that they could soon release all designs, layouts, HAL and Open Firmware of their platforms under GPL licence.
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RE[4]: My freedom sense
by Morty on Sat 12th Nov 2005 00:37 UTC
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Unless those startups plan to build each and every computer by hand (and even then they need a chip foundry) and sell the finished product for very, very, very much $$$, their only other choice is to hire another company to do it for them -- and that's not cost-effective for a limited product run.

Okay, absolutely everting you say here is wrong. First of, no computer manufacturer has a chip foundry(except IBM, but it's an entirely different and separate division in the company). They all(Dell, Apple etc) buy their chips from 3rd parties(Intel, AMD, SiS etc). And they usually, for cost-effectiveness, outsource their manufacturing(Apple) and sometimes even buy motherboards from 3rd party's(Like MSI, Asus, EPoX). And limited production runs would make this approach even more cost-effective.

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