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Modern microcontrollers are becoming quite beefy. The Microchip PIC32 line is actually an implementation of the MIPS32 4K architecture - and with 512K of flash and 128K of RAM you can even run Unix! RetroBSD is a port of BSD 2.11 for the PIC32. You might not be able to run X11, but it is still very useful and a great reminder of how small Unix used to be - and how far it has come.

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by WereCatf on Wed 20th Aug 2014 16:26 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Great and ...."
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Ray tracing? What would the output be presented on?

Well, the output could just be relayed to a device with an actual display with the microcontrollers just handling the actual calculations. I do not see what the problem is.

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