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Two related stories.

Microsoft's Windows Store is a mess. It's full of apps that exist only to scam people and take their money. Why doesn't Microsoft care that their flagship app store is such a cesspool?

It's now been more than two years since Windows 8 was released, and this has been a problem the entire time, and it is getting worse. If Microsoft was trying to offer a safe app store to Windows users, they've failed.


Flappy Bird wasn't the first game to spawn an entire ecosystem of me-too clones, nor will it be the last. And now that the developer of the insanely difficult but addicting game has released the even more insanely difficult and even more addicting (is that even possible?) Swing Copters, well, we're seeing it again.

This applies to all application stores. They are filled to the brim with crapware nobody wants, making the experience of using them pretty unappealing. Since Apple, Google, and Microsoft care about quantity instead of quality, I don't think this will change any time soon.

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Comment by Nelson
by Nelson on Thu 21st Aug 2014 23:43 UTC
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Its a huge problem in my opinion. The Windows Phone and Windows Store have a lot of crap in them.

I tend to really only download what surfaces to me from a few places:

- Featured sections on the Store Front
- Articles at WPCentral or the Microsoft Tribe at The Verge, they have a few threads which list the nicest Windows Phone apps.
- Twitter

So I get a pretty decent stream of useful apps that I at least try out for a while.

So the problem isn't really with the quality of apps, because there are many of them (maybe less so for the Windows Store, which should change quick now that they're unified).

I think the problem is with discoverability. That needs to be improved. If you're not going to remove the blatant trademark infringement going on, at the very least do something to highlight the official app.

I think the problem with the trademark stuff is that it must be initiated by the trademark owner. And at this point, not enough of them care. Especially about the Windows Store. On the phone this is less of a problem, its insanely bad on the Windows Store.

We need to think about smarter ways to surface apps to consumers, because beyond the Featured sections you're pretty much on your own to slog through an infinite list of apps. Nobody has time to try to sort out the good from the bad ones.

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