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Morphos On their blogspot site, Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco, owners of Genesi (which manufactures Pegasos PowerPC-CPU based motherboards) revealed that they could soon release all designs, layouts, HAL and Open Firmware of their platforms under GPL licence.
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RE[6]: My freedom sense
by Morty on Sat 12th Nov 2005 03:53 UTC
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Actually, everything YOU just said is wrong. He had it right while you got it completely backwards. I've MADE limited production runs of boards by hand, and then hired a company to make them. You don't have any idea what you're talking about.

And I have been involved doing prototype, small and medium scale production series at a board/system manufacturer. But rather than comparing resumes, let's play some true or false with what I said. Please enlighten us all and tell which is not true:
-no computer manufacturer has a chip foundry(except IBM, but it's an entirely different and separate division in the company).

-They all(Dell, Apple etc) buy their chips from 3rd parties(Intel, AMD, SiS etc)

-And they usually, for cost-effectiveness, outsource their manufacturing(Big plants in low cost contries like China, Mexico etc)

-sometimes even buy motherboards from 3rd party's

-And limited production runs would make this approach even more cost-effective.(Rather than creating your own assemblyline)(In lots of companies even prototype series are outsourced, most manufacturers have specialized departments tailored for this kind of work with low volume and high turnaround.)

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