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Microsoft "Oscar Wilde said that the only thing worse than people talking about you is people NOT talking about you, and it must have been with this in mind that Microsoft recently "leaked" two company-wide memos concerning the Redmond's new strategic direction -- its so-called Live strategy that I wrote about last week" says Cringely.
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Just like Politicians
by shotsman on Sat 12th Nov 2005 07:54 UTC
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Over here in the UK, our esteemed {enter appropriate word here} leader Tony Blair (who seems to be a friend of BG) and is possee of bootlickers do this all the time.
A Government department floats an idea to the press to see what the public reaction is. If it is positive then it gets adopted as government policy. If it is not then minister after minister get paraded in front of the media to defent the indefensible until the media furore dies down and the policy (now discredited) gets quietly dropped.
A few weeks later an almost identical (but slightly watered down) policy is leaked again.
I wonder if the Marketing Drones in Microsoft have been getting lessons on "Spin" & "Leaking" from political aides. It sure sounde like it to me.

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