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Morphos On their blogspot site, Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco, owners of Genesi (which manufactures Pegasos PowerPC-CPU based motherboards) revealed that they could soon release all designs, layouts, HAL and Open Firmware of their platforms under GPL licence.
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RE: Good news? I don't think so
by Raffaele on Sat 12th Nov 2005 09:48 UTC in reply to "Good news? I don't think so"
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Mr. Marcellus wrote:

Having followed Genesi for a while, I'd say this is just a really desperate move to try to get people interested in their stuff.

Maybe you are right. Maybe you are wrong.

If a complete hardware mainboard projects will be GPLed with all layout designs available on the web, then it could be the next big revolution after the launch of Linux.

They are hoping that Linux and GPL fanboys will flock to their platform and let them do all the work in getting it properly finished, and giving it recognition.

Well. I want to know the reactions by Stallman first.

If he will enjoy the idea to realize open sourced maiboards, then a vaste majority of Linux fans will embrace this project.

If you fall for this now, don't complain later on when you discover that you've been fooled. You've been warned.

We will seat and see what happens...

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