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Via CrackBerry:

It would seem as though the floodgates have REALLY opened up on the BlackBerry Passport and the device is popping up all over the place. This time around, to go along with the typical photos of the device, has given the BlackBerry Passport a look in a 28 minute long video, along with putting its camera and video camera to the test.

Almost 28 minutes of Passport goodness - in Czech, which you may not understand. However, even without knowledge of the Czech language, that's still 28 minutes of Passport goodness. I really, really want this device.

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RE: First Smart Phone
by warhoon on Fri 29th Aug 2014 01:52 UTC in reply to "First Smart Phone"
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I think a BlackBerry is an excellent choice for a first smart phone. I've had an iPhone, Android and Windows Phone prior to getting a BlackBerry Z10. Thet all have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but if you are not to dependant on apps, then a BlackBerry, imho, is a great choice. You are also able to install Android apps as well, not 100% will run (those depending on Google Services) but most will.

Of all the different smart phones I have had over the years, I so far like my BlackBerry the most. The overall experience is very good, and I'd like to add, my own personal preference. So, take it for what it is ;)

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