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What an awful week for the culture that surrounds and influences video games.

That's putting it very mildly. The people responsible for all of this - like the people who threatened a critic of the portrayal of women in games with physical/sexual violence - should be sent to jail. Especially the 'Kevin Dobson' character should probably be locked up in a mental institution for life.

Especially the treatment of women in the gaming industry - whether on-screen or off-screen - is absolutely horrible. As an n=1 social experiment, I often pretend to be female in my League of Legends matches, and the kind of shit you get thrown at you when you do so is disgusting.

I can shake it off because I'm actually not female - but I shudder at the thought of not being able to do so.

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RE[5]: That's not my role...
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There's actually Emergency Call Ambulance, a Sega arcade game from 1999. In each stage you had to drive an accident victim from their place of injury to the hospital. Every bump would reduce their chances of survival (timer), and you had to drive this route with shortcuts, trying to avoid traffic and make it safely.

It was fun for the first two stages I played. Engaging and energetic arcade feel, good gameplay. In the second stage, you're helping a police officer to the hospital, so an organised crime mob try to stop you.

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