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Over the weekend someone released hundreds of revealing photos of celebrities that appear to have been stolen from private storage. In response to this, a bunch of anonymous guys on the internet copied them and posted them all over the town square, because the internet is written in ink and if you are ever a victim once in your life the internet will remind you of it forever.

These men are the detritus of human society for whom the internet provides a warm blanket, so let's remove the warm blanket for a minute.

If the NSA spies on us, it's a massive violation of privacy and omg government and #impeachobama. When some (hopefully not for much longer) anonymous hacker breaks into the personal, private accounts of dozens of famous women, steals their most private photographs, and posts them online, these same men shouting from the rooftops about the NSA retreat to their bunkers, share the photos as much as they can, and do much more I'd rather not imagine right now.

Props to The Verge for this article.

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How are you sure these are not the people who help NSA too. As long as I feel I think these are psychopaths who don't have the sense of right and wrong. Fits NSA peeps with high correlation ratio.

As I posted above, doubtful, some doucebag kid or paparazzi finally came across the Wifi/bluetooth sniper attack vids from about 7 years ago and with a modern GPGPU capable laptop made even shorter work or cracking and downloading celebrity mobile device data as those old hacks demonstrated all those years ago.

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