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X11, Window Managers The foundation has released the 2nd release candidate of X11R6.9/X11R7; X11R6.9-RC2 is built in the traditional Monolithic style, where as X11R7 is based on the new Modular system. Testing is going to commence on both Monolithic and Modular source trees, here you can see what needs to be tested in this release.
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RE: features/improvements ?
by aaronb on Sat 12th Nov 2005 23:59 UTC in reply to "features/improvements ?"
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I agree with you point on XML. My take.........

I think xml for config files is a good thing.

There is a program called BOINC. It runs seti@home and other mass computing projects. They use XML format for the config files and stats.

Now many websites and tools can download stats and monitor progress of the projects. Information can even be viewed on mobile phones.

The above is great but what has this got to do with and *nix ?

Well if X uses XML and it works out OK. Then other apps and tool may follow. In time it could be one point that make *nix distro compatible with out restricting them.

There has been other intresting ideas that packege managers should use XML so they can talk to one another with Schemes and DTD is other stuff that I dont fully understand.

The best thing we can do is send reports back to the projects, make wish lists, code, test or support the projects in some way.

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