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MINIX is a modern, microkernel-based UNIX implementation. The code size of the microkernel is just 129 kB. Servers implement UNIX on top of it. The userland, toolchain, packages etc. are from NetBSD. Release 3.3.0 was just announced:

New features:

  • The first release with ARM support, three Beagle targets are supported
  • Experimental USB support for the Beaglebones (hubs & mass storage)
  • Cross-compiling for both ARM and x86 - the buildsystem is very portable


  • Big source code cleanup - cleaner C types in messages, improved NetBSD compatibility, all minix-specific code moved to a top-level minix/ folder
  • Updated packages overall - a big set is built now; and they are dynamically linked now
  • Improved driver modularity

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RE[2]: "Microkernel" based
by some1 on Wed 17th Sep 2014 01:07 UTC in reply to "RE: "Microkernel" based"
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The summary only says "code size". It doesn't say whether this is the size of the source code or the compiled code. Nor does it quote any source for this number.

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