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I missed this one last week, so just pretend it's 17 September. AnandTech's in-depth review of iOS 8, probably the best one you'll read online. They conclude:

Despite my concerns, iOS 8 makes me feel excited for the future more than anything else. Apple's steps to open up more options for customization by developers and users on iOS marks a significant departure from their previous releases. It's not Android but it isn't meant to be. It brings new features and capabilities that are implemented in a very Apple-like manner, for better or for worse. I don't think it's going to do much to sway Android fans toward iOS, but it gives a lot of reason for current iOS users to stay with Apple. This is especially true for users who can take advantage of continuity. iOS 8 feels like another step in the maturation that began with iOS 7. Most exciting of all is that it's still only the beginning.

Like I said before: consolidation.

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This demonstrates that a sizable demographic is settling for 2nd best as the iPhone is generally preferred otherwise.

Regardless, the transition has already started. Research firm Kantar Worldpanel released a report finding that Apple has regained share in markets such as Europe, Japan and Australia... all regions where pre-paid mobiles are more common.

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