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X11, Window Managers The foundation has released the 2nd release candidate of X11R6.9/X11R7; X11R6.9-RC2 is built in the traditional Monolithic style, where as X11R7 is based on the new Modular system. Testing is going to commence on both Monolithic and Modular source trees, here you can see what needs to be tested in this release.
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XML saved my baby!
by japail on Sun 13th Nov 2005 09:55 UTC
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Ever since the introduction of XML, the number of problems with software has increased by one in a lot of people's eyes: this software doesn't use XML.

The lack of overly powerful and dynamic GUI configuration tools for X are not because the format used for defining the configuration file isn't specified in XML.

Please feel free to use libxf86config to write the world's greatest graphical configuration program. I expect it to appear no later than the next time I check the comments section of this forum, because the only thing between you and writing this program has clearly been correctly reading and writing the configuration file into programmatic datastructures.

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