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Morphos The german site dedicated to Linux on PPC systems PPCNUX has benchmarked the 3D drivers available for MorphOS using the three generations of the famous FPS Quake, in order to test the quality of indipendently developed drivers on a non-mainstream OS running on non-mainstream PPC hardware. You can find the english version of the article here.
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Waiting for advanced hardware
by Raffaele on Sun 13th Nov 2005 11:33 UTC
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Performances are honest if you think the fact that the chipset on which Pegasos is built, originally did not allow use of AGP.

AGP on Pegasos is a divert from normal PCI, and so you must deal with many compromises.
The use of AGP cards is granted, but it permits only the use of the videocards which have 3,3 volts pin-layout. This is why only relatively old videocards are used.

There are new evaluation platforms already tested and MorphOS even run on it.

These new motherboards are ready and built upon Tundra TS108 Chipset which allows even on PPC-CPU based motherboards to achieve DDR2 memories, SATA and PCI-Express.

Then, if these card will hit the market, next time we will deal with 3D performance tests of Pegasi in action, it will show characteristics right based with up-to-date PCI-exp accelerated cards... none could have again complaints that tests are made on obsolete video cards.

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