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Amiga & AROS The AROS Show has done an interview with Michal Schulz who is a longtime member of the AROS Team, in the interview he talks about how he got interested in Amiga's and how he came to be on the team, and where he see's AROS going in the next couple years.
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Pegasos is a "cheap" PPC alternative
by Raffaele on Sun 13th Nov 2005 13:13 UTC
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AmigaONEs are expensive and manufacturing is almost stopped because it starts only "on-demand" when it reaches a great number of requests by buyers.

Mini-macs are pretty tiny non-expandable toys.

But there is a cheap expandable alternative.

Try Pegasos first.

Pegasos is an expandable machine standard MicroATX form factor. It enters in any ATX case and has standard PS2 ports for cheap mouse and keyboards. It can mount PCI cards, upto 2GB memory with standard DDR modules ranging from PC2700 to PC3200, 3,5inch standard HDDs, and it also features AGP slot on which it can be mounted cards upto ATI Radeon 9250.

Current price of a Pegasos in Euro (from european dealer) is 499 Euro.

It includes motherboard + PPC G4 CPU card + MorphOS &/or Linux Installation CD.

Half-assembled system ("base" + HD + videocard + ram) is about 529 Euro.

Complete system ("half assembled" + case w/power supply + DVD combo writer) is about 629 euro.

Price in USA at genesippc site is about 499 US$...

(For europeans this means that price of Pegasos in USA it is only 425 Euro at current exchange rate, but you must add transport fees, and airport and tax duties applied by your nation)

The good news of this little monster is that if you want to preserve your money, then you could recycle spare parts from your old PCs.

If you have friends who want to trash their old PC, you can trade or BETTER receive as gift, their old hardware.

[Audio, USB, Firewire, S-PDIF, ethernet and giga-ethernet are on-board, so you have no necessity to mount them.]

Old PS2 mouse and keyboards work well, you can use i/o peripherals of you own if in good conditions.

Old AGP ATI 3,3 volt pin-layout video cards are good to fit Pegasos.
(even some PCI video cards are functioning on peggy. see list of working hardware on Pegasos related sites and forums)

Old DDR ram ranging from PC2700 (266 MHz) upto PC3200 (400 MHz) could fit in it.

Old 40 GB HDD are still quite good for MorphOS, because complete OS installation occupies only 17 MB...

(Yes, you have read it well. Complete installation occupies 17 MEGA-bytes into your HD)

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