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Microsoft finally surprised us all: At the eagerly-awaited first briefing for the next Windows, the firm revealed that they had decided to skip the 9 and call it Windows 10 instead. From a features perspective, we only learned about a few minor new features that hadn't already leaked. And as promised, the technical preview won't ship until October. Which starts tomorrow, by the way.

To say that this was a different kind of Windows event is a major understatement. I want to focus on the details of the announcement here, but it's at least worth pointing out that Terry Myerson's team is approaching Windows 10 with a completely different - for the better - approach. Not just when compared to the past few releases. But when compared to every Windows release from the past 20 years. Everything is new again.

It's looking like a good release so far - I'm especially very happy with the further neutering of Metro and the Expose-like functionality. Odd they're skipping 9 though.

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Should have been Windows 12.
by gehersh on Wed 1st Oct 2014 00:23 UTC
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Microsoft should have called it "Windows 12" to distance itself not only from Windows 8, but also from OS X and Windows X11. And then, of course, skip Windows 13 and may be Windows 14, just for fun, and go directly to Windows 15. Wrrrrrroooom!

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