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X11, Window Managers The foundation has released the 2nd release candidate of X11R6.9/X11R7; X11R6.9-RC2 is built in the traditional Monolithic style, where as X11R7 is based on the new Modular system. Testing is going to commence on both Monolithic and Modular source trees, here you can see what needs to be tested in this release.
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XML config files and vi
by MysterMask on Sun 13th Nov 2005 14:34 UTC
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IMHO there are a lot of reasons why XML config files are better than non-markup text files.

Saying that XML is overrated and overused is silly, IMHO. It fastly becomes the least common denominator, a place previously held by non-markup textfiles.

Xml was not designed as a data interchange format only (there was EDI for that before), but to be easily understandable/editable for machines and humans as well.
Config files fall exactely in this category of use: both human and machine should be able to read/write them.

The reason why Xml can become a pain to edit, view, process, etc. on the command line is that the tools such as vi, grep, awk, <your favorite cli-tool here> where not created with Xml structures in mind but with line based records.
Having the same standard command-line tool support for Xml as for non-markup text, editing, viewing and processing Xml-files would become just like non-markup text files, however with the additional benefits of Xml.

Since Xml is here to stay, it would be better to have things like vi for Xml, grep for Xml instead of creating the next config format, the next config format validator, the next config format processing library, etc. ..

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