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Windows This guide contains the practical security measures to secure your Windows desktop at home. This guide is not necessarily intended for business or enterprise use, but it might come in handy for some.
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Many worms have spread through firewalled systems where there was no one browsing anything.

Yep and the first one ever was invented on a unix system. Whats the point ?

You've really never heard of worms which spread through e-mail?

That requires someone to be using the computer, and viewing something.

Blaster would be a nice exploit that was able to do damage without the computer being used, but merely turn 'on'

How about VBS/Bubbleboy@MM, which used an exploit in Outlook and Outlook Express to execute VBScript via the HTML display engine -- even when the message was simply previewed?

I remember it. Considering the changes that have been made to OE and outlook since that time I'd say it would be rare to see a repeat on that large of a scale but anything is possible I guess.

What are you going to block with the firewall? All access to your e-mail server?

I'm going to do nothing with my firewall. I'll let the scripts on my email server detect and remove something like that.

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