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Windows This guide contains the practical security measures to secure your Windows desktop at home. This guide is not necessarily intended for business or enterprise use, but it might come in handy for some.
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I agree with this, even as a Linux user.

I agree with it, even as a cross platform user (OS X, Windows and Linux myself)

Likewise a hostile user on any platform will turn off potential users.

Windows having 95% of the market share implies nothing about their quality. It only says most people use it. Most people also use cheap cars, cheap pens and wear cheap watches.


"Nipple is the only intuitive thing. Everything else is learned."

One of my favorits too ;)

E.g. secretaries (or personal assistants, to be p.c.). Ten years ago, they were able to type in Wordperfect. "Number analysts" could work in Lotus 123. Why do we today hear, that text-only interfaces are hard?

Prob because there are ways available today that are considered to be 'easier', or more 'productive'

Are today's secretaries and "number analysts" dumber than those ten years ago?

Absolutely not. Today's secretaries just know of a better way to do their work.

100 years ago people rode horses to work. Are these people 'dumber' because they found a more effecient way to get somewhere ?

People used to dig pits in the earth and bake foods in earthen ovens. I refuse to do that everyday and yet technically I'm sure I could learn how. I use an electri range for my cooking. Does this make me dumber than my ancestors ?

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