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The first thing you notice about the IBM Model M keyboard, when you finally get your hands on it, is its size. After years of tapping chiclet keys and glass screens on two- and three-pound devices, hefting five pounds of plastic and metal (including a thick steel plate) is slightly intimidating. The second thing is the sound - the solid click that's turned a standard-issue beige peripheral into one of the computer world’s most prized and useful antiques.

I have a Model M somewhere at my parents' house, with the very rare Dutch keyboard layout (we use US English now). However, I absolutely detest keyboards like that. I prefer keyboards with a decent click, but as little travel as possible, so that it requires as little pressure as possible to press a key, yet still get a decent click. Surprisingly - to some, perhaps - I am a huge fan of Apple's separate (so non-laptop) keyboard, and you can pry mine from my cold, dead hands.

However, I know I'm in the minority, and the Model M is a hugely popular beast of a keyboard. Great article by The Verge.

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RE: Still using it
by Arawn on Thu 9th Oct 2014 01:52 UTC in reply to "Still using it"
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Typing this on a '95 Model M with portuguese layout. Best keyboard ever! For everything, even gaming!

Will give him a viking funeral when it goes to Valhalla!

Only thing that comes close in layout and comfort is a KeyTronic keyboard I have, but it's mushy in comparison.

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