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So there you have it. As of October 4, Google Now has a clear lead in terms of the sheer volume of queries addressed, and more complete accuracy with its queries than either Siri or Cortana. All three parties will keep investing in this type of technology, but the cold hard facts are that Google is progressing the fastest on all fronts.

Not surprising, really, considering Google's huge information lead. Still, I have yet to find much use for these personal assistants - I essentially only use Google Now to set alarms and do simple Google queries, but even then only the English ones that do not contain complicated names.

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Sometimes its scary
by sheokand on Thu 9th Oct 2014 13:01 UTC
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TBH sometime it feels like Google know to much about me.
they track every activity, it feels scary, so i tends to use all other alternative services like firefox, DDG, etc. Only service use from google is gmail and play store.
i haven't use Google Now a single time on my Android.

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