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Windows A story of how Microsoft went from 5% of the enterprise market to 90% in three years during 1996-1999. This story shows how they did it and reveals a little known fact that GNU/Linux has had the technology to challenge Microsoft for six years.
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couldn't agree more
by shotsman on Sun 13th Nov 2005 19:19 UTC
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I (to my eternal shame) was one of the people witnessed the DEC initiative to get "Everything onto Exchange" in the late 1990's. I saw DEC put lots of people through their MCSE (They even boasted about in their advertising) and then targetted business from the lower end of the SME segment to Fortune 100 companies with "Exchange will solve all your email problems"
So, fast forward to today.
Microsoft has lots of third party companies presenting their latest "This product xxx will solve your yyy problems for ever" marketing plan into business all accross the board the ODD advocates have real problems fighting this FUD ( Fear Uncertanty & DERISION )
The Open Document win in MA and the Linux conversions in places like Munich are the very visible end of the Linux wins. There are others that don't want any publicity for fear of a backlash from MS.
We can chip away at the Lock in the MS enforces.
One possible way is to push the "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" approach.
Companies like for example Oracle who take the time and trouble to make sure their products work on Linux are doing just that. On the other hand some H/W makers are so in bed with Redmond they dare not do anything except toe the line.
We (OSS Advocates) have a hard time ahead of us as the MS supporting army rally around to keep OSS out. But, if we keep chipping away then eventually, victory will be ours.

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