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Dozens of those players are now in Seoul, at the fourth world championship. On Oct. 19, the finals will be held in a stadium built for soccer's World Cup, with 40,000 fans expected and many times that number watching online. Last year, Riot Games says, 32 million people around the world saw a South Korean team win the Summoner's Cup, along with a grand prize of $1 million, in the Staples Center in Los Angeles. That's an audience larger than the one that tuned in to the last game of the N.B.A. finals that year.

I play League of Legends, and the sheer size of the game and everything related to it still baffles me. I, too, watch the World Championships live, I play almost every day, watch other people play on live streams and youTube, and I'm still enjoying it. Quite the phenomenon.

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I was. You were implying that racecar driving on an oval track is as easy as driving to the shops and back to do the weekly grocery shopping. I was trying to get through the idea that it isn't nearly as easy as you make it sound. And was claiming that even go-karting would demonstrate that it ain't as easy as it looks, and bigger open wheel racers like F1 or IndyCar or Sprint Cup cars (that are not open-wheel, but do race on ovals) are magnitudes more difficult than even simple go-karts.

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