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Windows A story of how Microsoft went from 5% of the enterprise market to 90% in three years during 1996-1999. This story shows how they did it and reveals a little known fact that GNU/Linux has had the technology to challenge Microsoft for six years.
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Gotta agree somewhat
by Bit_Rapist on Sun 13th Nov 2005 20:51 UTC
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While I do feel the author is a little bitter over not having his *exchange* clone go anywhere I do agree with him that Exchange/Outlook is one of the major pieces of the MS foundation in the enterprise.

At the company I work for (one of the companies he lists that did not want his software btw) we have many technical workstations running UNIX (mostly RS6000 units), all of the UNIX workstations allow the user to remote to a profile on a windows server so that they can run outlook and get their mail. There are a few who even have a windows machine next to the unix box just for email!

Its literally the backbone of the entire company and this guy is right. *nix will never be able to break the MS hold on the enterprise until its fully addressed.

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