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Windows This guide contains the practical security measures to secure your Windows desktop at home. This guide is not necessarily intended for business or enterprise use, but it might come in handy for some.
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Sure, but that was not my point. My point is all the screaming going - "OMG! that's hard! we can't use it!". That is quite different from "I prefer the easier way, but if needed I could do it the hard way, how people 10 years ago did it."

If forced with no other options I'm sure most people would break down and learn the *hard way*.

Also, you are comparing 10 years to generational changes (cars) or even longer (earth oven to electrical stove).

In computer years the change from commandline, or classic 'dos based' (lack of a better term) software to the GUI was a generational change. It literlly redefined the way we interface with the computer.

Most importantly, MS Word is works very similar than Wordstar, same for Excel vs. Lotus 123. They just look flashier and you can use the mouse (which you also could use in DOS sometimes). I'm not sure about Lotus, but Wordstar definitely had in-built help. So it wasn't like you had to have a printed manual and could consult only this hardcopy.

Could you highlight text and then click "Edit", "Copy" ? Not that I remember. I used MS word 5.5 for a long time and honestly I'd say "I can't go back" to the first person that said I'd have to use it again.

It is one thing to prefer a more efficient way, other to claim that it is impossible to do in the harder way, especially if only 10 years ago the harder way was the norm.

I do think its impossible. I know in my job with the expectations and business processes we use today that the softwre I was using 10 years ago would not *cut it* today and no amount of me 're-learning' the old system would change that.

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