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Android Lollipop is out, though, of course, the only way to get it now is to buy a new device that supports it. And, according to Pogue, disappointment for people who like upgrading their OSes is only one of the ways that the new Android disappoints. It's flat. Perhaps too flat, and guilty of a myriad of user experience sins. But it's also chock full of new, improved, and useful features, many of which were cribbed from inspired by other platforms, like battery saver, do not disturb, new unlocking, phone to phone transfer, user accounts.
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EPIC fail.
by nadiasvertex on Tue 4th Nov 2014 16:03 UTC
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The review, not the OS. Apparently little or no research was done for this article. It's far more misinformation than information. Sad, because I generally respect David Pogue's work.

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