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SuSE, openSUSE The openSUSE project released openSUSE 13.2 on Tuesday. The latest version of the big, green distro ships with updated desktop software, including KDE 4.14 and GNOME 3.14. The new release also features new artwork, a streamlined installer and faster YaST modules. Perhaps most importantly, openSUSE ships with the advanced Btrfs file system by default and will automatically take snapshots of the operating system whenever configuration changes are made. This allows administrators to roll back disruptive changes quickly and without using backups. Further details of the new openSUSE release can be found in the project's release announcement and in the release notes.
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Comment by Leszek Lesner
by Leszek Lesner on Thu 6th Nov 2014 19:11 UTC
Leszek Lesner
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Having no problems here with Btrfs on Neptune and my Jolla Phone.
Though I only use snapshots and tried lzo compression and some raid 1 experiments. From what I heard raid 5 is not recommened for every day usage.
The rest should work fine. (exceptions are possible)

When it comes to openSUSE itself I am little bit concerned about its quality.
Lets take for example the Nvidia drivers like the legacy one in the Nvidia OpenSUSE 13.2 repo. Its clearly not compatible with the Xserver OpenSUSE 13.2 ships. So I had to struggle to find the correct version to install it manually (yes manually).
This was harder than expected as the nouveau driver in the kernel 3.16 was not fixed (GPU Lockup) like in Neptune.
Strangely the kernel from 13.1 can be installed but does not use nouveau somehow. Very strange. I finally got the driver working by using nomodeset boot option and llvmpipe.
But let me guess a newbie would have given up on that one pretty much few steps earlier already. Too sad as OpenSUSE or SUSE back in the days was known for its Newbie friendliness.

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