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Linux Over the past year I've been reading a lot of opinions on the new init technology, systemd. Some people think systemd is wonderful, the bee's knees. Others claim that systemd is broken by design. Some see systemd as a unifying force, a way to unite the majority of the Linux distributions. Others see systemd as a growing blob that is slowly becoming an overly large portion of the operating system. One thing that has surprised me a little is just how much people care about systemd, whether their opinion of the technology is good or bad. People in favour faithfully (and sometimes falsely) make wonderful claims about what systemd is and what it can supposedly do. Opponents claim systemd will divide the Linux community and drive many technical users to other operating systems. There is a lot of hype and surprisingly few people presenting facts.
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RE[5]: A cople of comments.
by crystall on Fri 7th Nov 2014 13:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: A cople of comments."
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That's the issue isn't it ? Systemd could be a could piece of software, but the fact that it can be traced to the only distro which care about putting some money in that kind of modern problem solution is enough to discredit that very same solution.

No, that's not the issue, unless you're taking into account the most rabid posters which are not really interested in discussing the problem but only taking a pro/against stand. The issue is that RedHat and its paid developers will care mostly - if not only - for RedHat products. So support for a distribution like Debian will be an afterthought. This is not an unsurmountable issue as Debian developers can join the systemd development process and try to pull things their way. But the behavior of some of systemd's most prominent contributors ("it's my way or the highway" & "I don't care about your specific use-case, I only care about my stuff") has turned down a lot of potential contributors, and is not really encouraging for the future.

Note that some extremely partisan systemd supporters are trying to make things look different, claiming against all evidence that systemd's is not a RedHat-centric effort. This is also not helping because the issue is not that the project is largely a RedHat one per-se, but rather that it's not been very welcoming of use-cases and requests coming from a more diverse set of distributions and users.

I am not a systemd fan by the way, but I am becoming more and more pissed of by the blatant bad faith I am reading from the Against camp : Red Hat seems to be the root of all evil, and I refuse this for its sheer stupidity.

Again that's only if you listen to the most rabid posters on both sides. Personally I usually ignore their comments and try to focus on the actual issues at hand.

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