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BeOS & Derivatives

As I talked to many attendees about various things like our package management, scheduler update, WebPositive progress, Wi-Fi, ASLR/DEP, and anything else I could think of, and there was an overwhelming positive energy about Haiku by those who saw it in action. By far the most common question I got was "When will the next release be out?". In the past, I would say the most common question is "Why would I ever choose Haiku over any existing Linux distribution?", so it is nice to see that there was a lot more positive energy about Haiku, as well as excitement about the next release.

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RE: Release schedule
by UglyKidBill on Sat 8th Nov 2014 12:08 UTC in reply to "Release schedule"
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I agree that having newcomers test a nightly build that crashes all the time will not make them many new adepts.

However I think what they need as much is to build a release that allows people to do something "useful" while testing it. Poking around with glgears wears fast...

BUT nowadays a stable browser would allow users to do *so* much that Devs should benefit from that.
A solid browser allows users from word processing to listening music, through web-mailing and socializing.

Couple the Beos ultra fast boot (I assume Haiku dind´t loose that?) with a good browsing experience, maybe some buzzword and you just might start to build a niche.

I think people might be interested in a splashtop OS and today´s users aren´t scared to use something that is not Windows nor Mac-classic.

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