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Linux Over the past year I've been reading a lot of opinions on the new init technology, systemd. Some people think systemd is wonderful, the bee's knees. Others claim that systemd is broken by design. Some see systemd as a unifying force, a way to unite the majority of the Linux distributions. Others see systemd as a growing blob that is slowly becoming an overly large portion of the operating system. One thing that has surprised me a little is just how much people care about systemd, whether their opinion of the technology is good or bad. People in favour faithfully (and sometimes falsely) make wonderful claims about what systemd is and what it can supposedly do. Opponents claim systemd will divide the Linux community and drive many technical users to other operating systems. There is a lot of hype and surprisingly few people presenting facts.
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RE[6]: A cople of comments.
by gilboa on Sun 9th Nov 2014 08:47 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: A cople of comments."
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RedHat is not being constructive for the sake of it, it's being productive for its own sake. They've got a product to sell and they need to improve it for their paying users. Users of other distributions (including RedHat-based free ones) are an afterthought. That's not something "bad"; it's how a commercial company is supposed to act if it's to make any profits and stay in business.

The OSS was founded by people and companies that had "an itch to scratch".
At least theoretically, the anti-systemd group has a massive itch to scratch, but thus far, they rather trade personal insults (hint) as opposed to actually doing anything constructive about it.

"Again, you fail to explain what stops the million of oppressed anti-systemd developers and users from forking the latest non-systemd distribution and going on, on their separate way?

That comment was an attack, it was straightly directed at me (unless "you" means something else) and asked me to explain something I had not even said. That's what I call childish.

I never claimed or hinted that you are a part of said "oppressed anti-systemd developers and users", its for *you* to decide if you belong to said group, and the mere fact that you turned an honest question (one which you continuously refuse to answer) into a *perceived* personal insult and a reason to start trading personal insults, puts you square in the middle of this said group.

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