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Apple Over the weekend, Pangu released their iOS jailbreak for the Mac, which is the capstone on a weeks-long journey of incremental releases that brought the wonders of non-Apple-approved software to iDevice users bit by bit according to their level of tinkering devotion. Last week, after an aborted attempt, I managed to jailbreak my iPhone 5S, and though I'm still dealing with some of my favorite tweaks not having been updated to work with the new OS, I'm pretty happy with the update, and I can recommend it for most users. Read more, for the rest.
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What do you do with Jailbreak?
by leos on Wed 12th Nov 2014 03:20 UTC
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Tried it once and didn't find anything compelling, but did get a lot of stability issues so I went back to stock. Now with iOS 8 there are even fewer reasons to jailbreak. What kind of jailbreak tweaks do people use?

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