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Intel Intel is expected to launch new processors on Monday starting with its Pentium line that have the ability to subdivide tasks in a hardware feature called Virtualization Technology--or VT.
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RE: One ring (-1) to rule them all
by zlynx on Mon 14th Nov 2005 15:13 UTC in reply to "One ring (-1) to rule them all"
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xdev, I have to doubt that you've ever actually used any of the virtualization software. Are you happy with the performance losses? If so, why?

Giving Intel chips better virtualization support is a great thing. It means software like VMware (and others) can run much closer to full speed.

And TPM is excellent technology, as long as it remains in the owner's control. I would be happy to have a TPM enabled motherboard as long as it's running a trusted (by me) operating system.

TPM will combine with virtualization. It'll be great to run untrusted applications inside a virtual machine where they can be closely watched.

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